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Rudy’s Bake at Home pizzas are about quality ingredients and easy convenience.

Order your chosen pizzas online (minimum 4 per order), and enjoy the same fresh dough and Neapolitan ingredients we use in our pizzerias. Our dough is made fresh on site every day, and blast chilled ready for you to enjoy at home. Just click to find out more about each of our pizzas below, add to basket and check out.

Your order will arrive on your chosen delivery day with cooking instructions on how to perfect your authentic Neapolitan pizza at home. Because who doesn’t want pizza on demand delivered to your door. That’s right, we all do!

For us it’s all about the dough. Just like in Naples, our dough is made on site, cooked in a Neapolitan hand-built Stefano Ferrara pizza oven and then, the twist…it’s blast chilled and vacuum packed ready to be yours. It’s soft, light and floppy… so fold for strength or tuck in with a knife and fork, however you eat it, just enjoy!

Minimum order: 4 pizzas, but why stop there? 8 pizzas fit in a box, and will not be subject to higher delivery charges.

Multiple boxes (more than 8 pizzas) will incur additional delivery charges.

Now get choosing, you’re onto a good thing…

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Phone: 0161 241 9542