Discover the most frequently asked questions we receive at Rudy's Pizza.

If you did not find the answer to your question here, please contact us.

  • Delivery

    How much is delivery?
    Delivery per box is £5.50 (we can fit up to 8 pizzas in a box). We only deliver to mainland UK.

    What if my postcode is not recognised?
    We use DPD for our deliveries to most UK destinations which is not available in some of the more remote Scottish Isles. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to some postcodes. 

    When will my order arrive?
    At the point of checkout you will be able to select the date you want your order to arrive.

    What days can I get a delivery?
    We currently deliver on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    Can I make more than one order?

    Can I make amendments to my order after ordering?
    After submitting your order, no amendments can be made.

    Where is my order?
    To track your order use the DPD link sent to your email. This email will arrive on the day of dispatch (the day before your delivery date).

    How does my pizza stay fresh during delivery?
    Our pizzas are made fresh everyday and are packed with an environmentally friendly packing and ice packs.

    Can I collect my order from a pizzeria? 
    No, our bake at home pizzas are for delivery only.

    What if I am not in on my delivery day?
    DPD will leave the package in a safe space, you can manage this via your tracking link.

  • Ordering

    What do I do if the delivery date I want isn’t available?
    Sorry, please choose an alternative delivery date.

    I keep getting an error message when checking out
    Please contact us, providing detail of the error and ideally a screenshot on [email protected].

    My postcode doesn’t work
    We only deliver to mainland UK, if your postcode does not work, unfortunately we may not deliver to your address. If you reside in mainland UK and your postcode isn’t working please contact [email protected].

    Can I get my order delivered on a specific day?
    Yes, you can choose the specific date you would like your order to be delivered during the checkout process.

    Can I make a bulk order?
    We are able to pack 8 pizza’s per box, if you require a larger order please email [email protected].

    What is the minimum amount of pizzas I can order?
    4 pizzas.

    Can I make changes to pizza toppings?
    No our pizzas can only be ordered as described.

    I have a special occasion coming up, when is the best time to order my pizzas?
    If you are ordering for a special occasion make sure to get your pizzas in advance. Pizzas stay fresh for up to 4 days so it is best not to order for delivery on the day of the event.


  • Cooking + Nutrition

    Where can I see allergen information?
    Ingredients and allergens for each pizza are displayed on the product page, they are also labelled on the pizza.

    Is your pizza gluten free?
    No, unfortunately we do not offer gluten free pizzas.

    Are bake at home pizzas suitable for vegetarians?
    Yes, please see individual descriptions for ingredients.

    Are the pizzas halal?
    No, our meat toppings are not halal however, we do offer lots of tasty veggie and vegan options.

    Can I freeze my pizza and cook it at a later date?
    Yes – our pizza arrive with you freshly made, so feel free to freeze, defrost and cook at your leisure.

    What temperature does my oven need to be?
    The hotter better, a piping hot oven is key here – 220 degrees celsius / 430 fahrenheit.

    What size are the pizzas?
    Pizzas are approximately 30cm.

    All my ingredients are in the middle of the pizza. What do I do?
    This can happen during delivery, feel free to redistribute ingredients before cooking if they have moved on their way to you.